Hello :)

I'm Danny H.

I'm the product manager for digital products.

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About Danny H.

I've gained a lot of experience in product planning, project management and development over the years. I especially like to build digital products from 0 to 1, that was a very exciting feeling, like raising a kid. I also enjoy learning new technologies and knowledge to solve product problems, optimise products and share them with team members.

I have experienced many products , including a video app / H5 , a public opinion system , auto generate article model based on NLP, a fast-building traffic website system, an RPA system, a stock prediction model based on ML and other customization products or projects.

In the past, I was the founder and co-founder of few corporations. I have worked closely with the team and partners to build a great team. Now I am a remote product manager. I am looking for a way to reconcile work and personal life to create best digital products by creating a better quality of life and work.

These experiences have helped me continue to grow and take on new challenges in a stressful and fast-paced environment. I am not afraid to take on challenges outside my area of expertise with each mission.

If you have a conversation with me about the position or anything, you can contact me by e-mail : [email protected] , Linkedin or Telegram.